Presidents' Academy Fund Launched

Apr 04, 2019 – The Leadership Foundation is proud to provide a dedicated giving opportunity to support Presidents' Academy.

The Fraternity made history in January by hosting its inaugural Presidents’ Academy. Alumni, friends and family now have the opportunity to play a leading role in investing in the future of the Presidents’ Academy. The Presidents’ Academy Fund is a restricted fund set up to receive designated charitable gifts from those who wish to directly support the Presidents’ Academy. An annual grant will be provided to Delta Sigma Pi to directly support Presidents’ Academy, including chapter presidents’ registration, travel and lodging expenses and direct educational costs.

“Delta Sigma Pi has a strategic opportunity to brand itself as more than a network of business professionals. We can more prominently establish ourselves as a leadership development organization that prepares business students for the evolving world,” said Leadership Foundation EVP Tyler Wash. “Attention to such a differentiation will firmly entrench our position and ensure continued growth and strength. The Presidents’ Academy Fund will provide the financial resources needed to achieve this worthy goal.”

It is an expectation that all Delta Sigma Pi chapters send their chapter president to Presidents’ Academy. To lower the barrier of attendance, as the program rolls out, the Fraternity covered the costs of registration, travel, meals and lodging for the inaugural program. The Leadership Foundation provided a $200,000 grant for the inaugural President’s Academy. This grant was made possible through a generous gift from an anonymous donor who has long supported the Fraternity’s mission.

The Fraternity Board of Directors is working closely with the Leadership Foundation Board of Trustees to provide sustainable funding through alumni donations and corporate sponsorships to provide the Presidents’ Academy experience at no cost in 2020 and beyond.

Contact EVP Tyler Wash or visit for more information about the Presidents’ Academy Fund.

All gifts to the Presidents’ Academy Fund are tax-deductible (as allowable by law) for the donor and will be included in the donor’s annual and lifetime giving records. Gifts to a the Presidents’ Academy Fund will be charged an upfront gift processing fee of ten percent. There will be no annual administrative fees charged to these funds. The gift processing fee will be used by the Leadership Foundation to help provide annual programming grants to the Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity and to help offset operating costs of the Foundation, including alumni relations and development efforts to increase the level of private support.
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