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Delta Sigma Pi Training is Training for Life 

Everything you do in the course of your involvement with Delta Sigma Pi helps you build the critical skills you need to achieve great things professionally, personally, and in your community. In today’s job climate, showing evidence of strength in transferable skills like leadership, management, and communication—exactly the sort of critical skills you learn in Delta Sigma Pi and use in both collegiate and alumni chapter activities—can make all the difference to your career. In addition to the personal satisfaction you enjoy and great friendships you build, staying active in Delta Sigma Pi is great training for whatever life might bring.

Your Delta Sigma Pi activities build critical skills such as:
  • Leadership – Thinking of becoming a collegiate or alumni officer? Contemplating the CDL program? Considering presenting at or attending LEAD events? All build the sort of leadership skills that catch the eye of potential employers and make Deltasigs more effective in their careers.
  • Communication – The communications training you receive through Delta Sigma Pi—from parliamentary procedure and planning effective meetings to recruiting new members and marketing successful events—stands you in good stead in just about any professional or community role.
  • Management – Working with teams to pull off events, negotiating faculty relations, and building bridges between alumni and collegiate members all build the skills that make you a better manager and employee.
Build critical skills and get hands-on training with Delta Sigma Pi. Get involved with your local collegiate or alumni chapter to find out more.