Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Training 

Leadership Training

Any involvement with Delta Sigma Pi builds your leadership skills, but the Fraternity also offers formalized training to build, develop, and strengthen your leadership abilities at all stages of membership. From events geared toward collegiate members to conference sessions for well-established businesspeople, Delta Sigma Pi leadership training is targeted and effective.

Our training programs are dynamic and evolve to address timely and relevant topics, but our training frameworks ensure order and quality. Some Delta Sigma Pi leadership training vehicles include:

  • E-Learning – Delve into leadership development topics as you need them, whenever and wherever is most convenient for you.
  • Chapter Events  – Most chapters host leadership-focused events at regular intervals.  Contact your local chapter to find out more.
  • Certified Deltasig Leader Program – As an alumni member, this program gives you all the tools you need to hold leadership positions within Delta Sigma Pi.  The skills you learn are applicable to all sorts of professional and personal situations too.
  • Leadership and Excellence Academies for Deltasigs – LEAD events offer exceptional training for Deltasigs of all ages and stages of life, as well as providing great opportunities to serve and build lifelong friendships.
  • Grand Chapter Congress – Grand Chapter Congress sessions include leadership training applicable to chapter and fraternity management, but also to personal and professional life.
  • Presidents’ Academy – Presidents’ Academy allows collegiate chapter presidents the opportunity to network with other chapter presidents while receiving specialized leadership training.

Delta Sigma Pi leadership training equips you for your role in Delta Sigma Pi, prepares you for future leadership positions, and strengthens your leadership skills throughout your career.