R. Nelson Mitchell Outstanding Collegiate Chapter Award

Truman State Iota Nu

Delta Sigma Pi awards the R. Nelson Mitchell Outstanding Collegiate Chapter Award annually to the Delta Sigma Pi chapter identified as best representing the aims and ideals of Delta Sigma Pi. In addition to the national winner, the Fraternity also selects regional and provincial winners of the award.

The William W. “Bill” Tatum Jr. Leadership Fund provides a financial grant to a chapter who identified strength, creativity and innovation in their recruitment efforts. In 2022, the winner was selected from among the provincial winners of the R. Nelson Mitchell Outstanding Collegiate Chapter Award based on each chapters’ recruitment section of the application.

Chapters receiving the award are recognized at Grand Chapter Congress or a fall LEAD Schools event and in The DELTASIG. Winning chapters also receive a certificate commemorating their selection.


Collegiate chapter officers apply for the R. Nelson Mitchell Outstanding Collegiate Chapter Award via the Hub Awards Module. All applications must be received by June 1 for consideration—no late applications are accepted or reviewed—and must contain the following information:

  • Thorough documentation of activities and events during the current academic year in the operational areas listed below.
    • Recruiting and pledge program – Be sure to include your initiation goal as set by the Central Office, as well as the actual number of members your chapter initiated.
    • Professional activities – Include detailed descriptions and attendance numbers wherever possible.
    • Community/university service activities – Descriptions should include how the event was selected, particular needs met, and attendance and participation numbers where possible.
    • Fundraising – Include event descriptions as well as amount of money raised.
    • Motivation/brotherhood/social activity – In addition to event descriptions, also include attendance numbers where possible.
    • Alumni relations – Descriptions should include events, formal and informal mentoring, and/or outreach attempts.
    • Scholarship/academics – Include chapter goals, improvement, and any special events.
    • Campus involvement/university relations.
    • National Fraternity involvement – Include attendance at area or regional conferences, LEAD Schools, LEAD Provincial Conferences, Grand Chapter Congress, and other national Fraternity events.
    • Education of members regarding the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation and support given to the Foundation from your chapter.
  • Financial statements for your chapter covering the current academic year.
  • Other relevant supporting items, such as photos of chapter functions, newspaper articles, letters, and the like, as available.

Please refer to the Awards and Recognition Guide for complete details.

Review a list of previous R. Nelson Mitchell Outstanding Collegiate Chapter Award winners.

Plan ahead to submit your application and your chapter may be among next year’s winners!