Meeting Membership Expectations

There are times when a member becomes unable to complete the obligations of membership. In these situations, depending on specific circumstances, there are options allowed in Fraternity policy to relinquish the member temporarily or permanently, of some or all of their obligations. These options include inactive status (collegiate members), voluntary withdrawal or early alumni status. 

If a member is able but unwilling to complete the obligations of membership, a chapter may need to consider disciplinary action as allowed in the Individual Discipline Policy

Changes in Membership Status 

Any collegiate member enrolled in classes is considered an active member and must pay national dues. If a member changes their major from business or economics, that member may choose if they would like to remain an active collegiate member or if they would like to take an alumni status.

If a student is studying abroad or on a “non-local” co-op, such as an internship or exchange program, they remain collegiate members, but are not required to pay dues the term they are away from campus. These members do not need to file for inactive status (see more below), but must notify their chapter accordingly.

Collegiate members who are on university suspension or probation are required to pay dues unless the terms of the discipline do not allow participation in student organizations. Members on Fraternity probation or suspension are also required to pay dues. 

Inactive Status

Although membership in Delta Sigma Pi is considered a lifetime commitment, extreme circumstances may arise that necessitate the inactive status of a collegiate member during a specific academic term. Delta Sigma Pi allows inactive status, or a temporary removal from membership, during a specific academic term. Membership is immediately reinstated the following academic term and additional requests are required for subsequent academic terms. Learn more about the inactive status request process.

Alumni Status

Due to special circumstances, a collegiate member may be granted alumni status by their Provincial Vice President. The Provincial Vice President must submit details about the member and the reason for the status change to the Central Office who will notify the member and chapter of the change. 

Voluntary Withdrawal

Voluntary Withdrawal is the request by a member to be permanently removed from membership without eligibility for reinstatement. It is designed to accommodate the wishes of a member who, any time after initiation, experiences a change in belief systems or experiences extreme and permanent hardship. Voluntary withdrawal is not designed to accommodate temporary or manageable factors. Specifically, being unable to meet financial obligations or to actively participate in chapter activities will not be considered acceptable reasons for voluntary withdrawal, unless extenuating circumstances exist. Learn more about the voluntary withdrawal request process.