Delta Sigma Pi Alumni Chapter Officers

New Jersey
Your alumni chapter needs your active involvement and leadership to succeed. Planning regular meetings and events, communicating with current members, recruiting other Delta Sigma Pi alumni to participate, and supporting national Fraternity events are just a few of the ways that alumni chapter officers are critical to alumni chapter success.

These resources help you achieve your goals and make your chapter stand out:

Review your officer resources. If you have questions, you may find them answered in this comprehensive officer manual  or in the detailed alumni chapter resources of this website. For all other questions, feel free to get in touch with the Central Office.

Follow franchising requirements and deadlines. Don’t let your chapter fall out of good standing. Review franchising guidelines and resubmit annually.

Plan at least four events per year. Alumni chapters are required to meet four times a year, but many find that monthly events are better for overall involvement. Be sure to include at least one business meeting per year so that you can elect officers, and remember that elections require a quorum—at least 25% of membership in good standing depending on your chapter bylaws—so be sure to publicize well in advance.

Send out a monthly newsletter. Regular communication with members and other alumni in your area should include upcoming event dates, helpful information, and news of interest to Deltasigs. At least quarterly, copy your regional and provincial leadership on your newsletter, and send copies to local collegiate chapters as well.

Attend national events and send delegates to Provincial Council and Grand Chapter Congress meetings. Alumni are encouraged to attend LEAD Schools, LEAD Provincial Conferences, and Grand Chapter Congress. Be sure your chapter is represented!

Support collegiate chapters. Help with activities, suggest speakers, offer advice, or mentor collegiate chapter officers. Invite collegiate members to attend your alumni chapter events.

Stay on top of chapter finances. Collect dues or fees for events regularly and maintain a chapter checking account. Note that all checks must be signed by the Vice President-Finance and any one other officer of the chapter.

Encourage members to lead and volunteer. Officer positions are just one option for involvement. Members can lead social or service events, help plan activities, edit the newsletter, or volunteer in other ways both locally and regionally.

Never stop recruiting. Keep in touch with local Delta Sigma Pi alumni, recruit graduating members of local collegiate chapters, give the alumni presentation at collegiate chapters, and equip your members to recruit other alumni they know.

Apply for awards. Find out about the requirements for alumni chapter awards and the Alumni Chapter Recognition Program, and apply for these distinctions as an additional way to get the word out about your chapter and attract local alumni. 

Be an example. You give of your time freely as an alumni chapter officer, but be aware that your status sets a powerful example for your members, especially recent graduates. Follow through with commitments to service projects and make your annual donations to the Leadership Foundation. Above all, live the ideals of the Fraternity.

Your alumni chapter relies on your leadership and involvement. Thank you for your dedication to Delta Sigma Pi!