Behind the Cheers (Series)

May 08, 2023 – We are covering several Deltasigs' career successes and the diverse roles they play in connecting athletes to fans!

Since the days of the ancient Greek Olympics and Roman gladiators, people have been innately drawn to sports. We stand at rapt attention as we admire physical feats of speed, strength or endurance. The Super Bowl is annually the most-watched program on American TV, and it’s been reported that as many as five billion of the world’s eight billion inhabitants tuned in to watch last year’s World Cup. Yep, we love athletes.

However, in today’s highly competitive, hyperconnected world, legions of support are required to train and support sportspersons. Whether it entails poring over analytics that help players enhance their performance, cultivating sponsorships that provide financial support to collegiate athletic departments, or managing the digital assets that support disseminating sports-related content, numerous roles must be filled to support the business of sports. 

Here’s a look at one of several Deltasigs to helps connect fans to our favorite sports.

Alex Davenport, Miami-Ohio
Coordinator of Partnership Marketing for the International Motor Sports Association

Alex grew up a gearhead. His dad worked on the pit crew of Corvette’s racing team, and he never missed an Indianapolis 500 race growing up. So, it was fitting that he combined this passion and business acumen learned through Delta Sigma Pi to carve out a career on the business side of auto racing. While an undergrad at Miami University, he reached out via LinkedIn to Acura’s NSX racing team and told them about his interests and experience. He earned a position where he recruited drivers for Honda Performance Development and created marketing materials for prospective sponsors. The energizing experience clarifies his career path.

He currently serves as the coordinator of partnership marketing for the International Motor Sports Association, which is a NASCAR subsidiary that oversees endurance races across North America. In his role, he works with the organizations’ partnering automotive original equipment manufacturers to enhance B2B engagement through multifaceted tactics. This could include VIP experiences and meet-and-greets with drivers and optimizing digital advertising and social media to effectively reach customers. Most sponsors are vendors specific to auto racing, but some sponsors support IMSA because the CEOs are hardcore auto-racing fans.

IMSA hosts 13 events a year; some are staged on racetracks while others navigate city streets. Its most famous event is the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona, where the victor receives a watch from the namesake sponsor. Alex touts them as an adrenaline junkie’s dream: cars reach speeds up to 210 mph on straightaways and can slow to 50 mph within 150 yards.

Alex emphasized that the stereotype of auto racing fans being good old boys is outdated. Demographic studies show IMSA fans tend to be affluent homeowners with substantial net worth. One key data point from IMSA’s research emphasizes the importance of sponsorships: 72% of fans said they would be more likely to purchase a sponsor’s product or service.

“It’s fun figuring out creative ways for partners to leverage our races as a marketing tool,” he said. “There are different budgets and goals, and different motivations. Every partner’s marketing effort presents a unique challenge.”

As a student, Alex said he was attracted to Delta Sigma Pi’s high level of enthusiasm: “They had more excitement and energy than any other student organization. I was sold the first night.”

He appreciated the Fraternity’s professionalism and enjoyed being encouraged to “create my own personal brand. It’s important to understand what energizes you, and the experiences pushed me to do the same thing in my career.”


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