New Partner Offers Corporate Training

Sep 24, 2021 – Joining the community partners that provide career development to Deltasigs is Mark Kamin & Associates (MKA).

MKA Logo newThe new partnership is led by alumni brother Christina Hutchinson, New Mexico, of MKA and gives Deltasigs access to high-quality corporate training programs, coaching, and consulting services.

With nearly 40 years of training experience, MKA re-engineers the way people lead, manage, and coach resulting in breakthroughs in revenue, cost savings, turnover reduction, customer service, and employee engagement. Learn more about MKA.

“MKA shares in Delta Sigma Pi’s commitment to leadership and excellence, and we are honored to provide access to our advanced, unique programs, coaching and consulting to Deltasigs in their careers and to the businesses they lead,” added Hutchinson.

This new partnership joins the ever-growing career development opportunities offered to Deltasigs.

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