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Mark Kamin & Associates (MKA) has been transforming the human-capital relationship to performance in thousands of organizations through coaching, consulting, and training for nearly 40 years. Their unique approach includes a radical relationship to integrity, authentic communication and accountability. MKA re-engineers the way people lead, manage, and coach resulting in breakthroughs in revenue, cost savings, turnover reduction, customer service, and employee engagement. MKA’s clients have included ExxonMobil, HP, IBM, GE, Roche Labs, Wells Fargo Mortgage, Epic Systems, Ashley Furniture Homestores, Allegiance Bank, TriSMART Solar and thousands of small and medium sized organizations. 

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MKA offers regular FREE high-value, interactive webinars on Leadership, Integrity, Culture, Performance, Productivity, and other critical areas of human capital performance.  Check out upcoming topics and register to join us at one of these events here:

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MKA’s Elite Courses & Custom Programs Include:

Being A Leader & The Effective Exercise of Leadership –  Authored by an American Economist and Harvard Professor Emeritus, the CEO of one of the world’s leading consulting firms, and a pioneer in the design and implementation of transformational courses attended by millions; this course takes a deep and rigorous dive into the nature of being a leader, it challenges your pre-existing notions, ideas, and assumptions about leader and leadership and it promises that you leave the course being a leader and exercising leadership effectively as your natural self-expression, in any situation and no matter the circumstances.

Integrity Assessment for Maximizing Performance - Integrity (the honoring of word) as a foundational element is a unique and radical approach to productivity and performance that, when taken on, causes huge leaps in performance – from 100 to 500 percent.  MKA’s Integrity Assessment delivers your Integrity Score and provides a rigorous analysis into the layers of your organization indicating where and how you can take actions to have an immediate impact on your and your organization’s performance.

Communication: Transforming Organizational Culture: In this program, you will examine the barriers to communication and teamwork including the culturally embedded ways of thinking and communicating and the hidden biases that restrict group performance. Then you will learn how to overcome those barriers and create an intentional culture where genuine teamwork and high performance is possible.

Executive Coaching –  This program is for Executives, Leaders, and High Performers. You will identify and break through the invisible self-limiting barriers to your performance thereby unleashing limitless results and accomplishment.

Master Coaching Groups – The customized Master Coaching Groups leverage the benefits of group learning and discovery and focus on several topics including the relationship between integrity and performance, the barriers people have to hearing each other, organizing the existence of commitments and reducing the amount of insanity in dealing with email.

Mission Control: Productivity & Accomplishment – This workshop delivers the foundation and fundamentals for a breakthrough in your effectiveness and productivity. You will gain insight into the existing ways of working that pose a limit on your effectiveness, learn the fundamental principles and practices of Mission Control, and walk away with new perspectives and practices that leave you more powerful, focused and productive.

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*Discount rates vary based on services and are a minimum rate of 5%.  To receive the Delta Sigma Pi Discount for MKA services, you must contact Christina Hutchinson.  All discounts are subject to verification of Membership with Delta Sigma Pi. Discounts will not be awarded retroactively. Membership in Delta Sigma Pi must be communicated prior to contracting for any services. The Delta Sigma Pi member must be a current employee, owner, or board member of the company or organization contracting MKA’s services