15 Tips to Help You Ace Your Next Interview

Oct 27, 2020 – Interviews aren't the same as they were a year ago. Use these interview tips to make your next virtual interview stand out.

Use the mute button - This button is your best friend! Use it to mute yourself when your interviewer is speaking to minimize distractions for both of you. 

Look into the camera while speaking - This may be counterintuitive but by looking into the camera you will be making eye contact with your interviewer and eye contact conveys confidence and respect. 

Choose a professional background - Setting up in front of a blank wall or minimal decorations shows that you are organized and pay attention to detail. 

Find a brightly lit room - Your interviewer needs to be able to see you! Setting your interview space facing a window that lets in a lot of natural lighting is a great way to make yourself more visible. Setting up with a window behind you can cast shadows on your face and make you appear like a silhouette. 

Pick a quiet space - A room where you can shut the door is ideal, otherwise, find the quietest space you can. Limit other noises by closing windows and turning off your music or the television.

Silence your phone and turn off your notifications - Before your interview, silence your phone and put it away. This way, you can focus on the interview rather than a text message or phone call. 

Use a laptop or computer - Having your computer on a table creates a more stationary view of yourself while holding your phone in your hand could cause camera shake. 

Turn off your notifications - Close out of any social media websites or anything else that could become a distraction. Set the virtual meeting to full screen so that your interviewer is the only thing you can see. 

Charge your laptop - If your interview space doesn't have an outlet, make sure to fully charge your laptop before your interview. Ideally, you should choose a spot where you can leave your laptop plugged in. 

Find a good internet connection
- Make sure you have a strong internet connection. Test out your connection where you plan to sit during your interview. If you can stream video or a virtual meeting with other people, then you are likely to have a solid connection during your interview. 

Communicate with your household
- If you live with other people, let them know when and where you are interviewing. Before the interview starts, remind them to give you space and keep a quiet volume until you are done. 

Keep your screen clear - Close out of everything on your desktop before your interview - this allows a more seamless screen share option. This can also prevent video or audio from suddenly playing in the background. 

Practice using virtual platforms - Chapter meetings are a perfect opportunity to practice! You can do a few mock interviews to get a sense for what this type of interview feels like. 

Use appropriate body language - One benefit of using video chat vs. a phone call is you get to see each other's body language, as your interviewer speaks, use nonverbal cues such as nodding and smiling to show that you are listening.

Ask your interviewer questions - Prepare questions you have prior to the interview and as you learn more about the role throughout the interview, make a mental note of questions to ask that show you have been paying attention. Appropriate questions could be about the company's culture, this role's responsibilities or what the interviewer enjoys most about the company.

Best of luck in your next interview! If you would like to practice your digital interview skills, or have an alumni brother review your resume please email southcentral.professionaldevelopment@dsp.org

By: South Central Professional Development Committee Chair, Emily Hudson
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