The Hub

The Hub

Log in to the Hub

To log in, click Login/Hub at the top of any page on If you have access to the Hub, a linked Hub icon will appear on the top, right side of the page to click.
You may need to create your login credentials. If so, please follow the on screen steps.

Permitted Hub Users

Delta Sigma Pi chapter officers, both collegiate and alumni have access to the Hub. The

Board of Directors, Regional Vice Presidents, District Directors, Chapter Advisors, National and Provincial Committee Chairs, National Committee Members, Regional Awards Committee Chairs and Members, and Central Office staff all also have access to the Hub.

About the Hub

The Hub is a web-based tool that allows collegiate and alumni officers to manage chapter data effectively. It makes everyday chapter processes simpler and makes data more accessible to chapter officers and volunteer leaders.  The Hub has modules that chapters and leaders use to manage chapter operations. With access to the Hub, officers can find local brothers, apply for chapter awards, check their chapter's CMP status and so much more.

If you have any questions, please contact