New Central Office Staff Structure

Dec 18, 2018 – We are excited to announce a new staff structure that aligns with the Fraternity’s Strategic Priorities and the Foundation’s ambitious new efforts and goals.

To better address and succeed at our Strategic Priorities, staff director level positions will be refocused so our veteran team will provide more direct support of the four core areas, while our capable support staff will take on additional roles and responsibilities. Overseeing all of these efforts will be Jeremy Levine, who becomes Chief Operating Officer as of January 1. He will oversee the daily activities of Fraternity operations, reporting to the Executive Director, who retains ultimate (staff) responsibility for the Fraternity and Leadership Foundation.

1) Membership Growth: Dale Clark’s time will primarily be spent on our expansion efforts, seeking more and more rapid colony (and young chapter) development. He will also help struggling chapters with recruitment and internal growth. Oversite of the day-to-day chapter consulting program and discipline will move to a newly created position overseeing chapter services. (Learn more about the Associate Director of Chapter Services.)

2) Membership Engagement: Heather Troyer will continue with her role leading our communication efforts, but with additional responsibility in the alumni arena. More outreach and opportunities for alumni to interact with leaders, chapters and each other being the goal. Leadership Foundation EVP Tyler Wash, of course, will also continue to play a significant role in alumni engagement efforts!

3) Membership Education: Shanda Gray, already in our relatively new staff Education position, will continue to grow and improve this area. The new Presidents’ Academy, enhanced E-learning, regional volunteer training efforts, and other new and recurring personal development opportunities will continue to evolve.

4) Organizational Excellence: Jeremy Levine, Tyler Wash, Jeanna Tipton and Bill Schilling will work hard to ensure our new approaches add to the strength of our infrastructure. New IT opportunities, the rollout of MemberPlanet and new Leadership Foundation efforts are important elements.

With these changes and the recent resignation by Operational Services Specialist Joe Shaver, Delta Sigma Pi is also seeking new IT and partnership coordinators. (Learn more about these job openings.)

We are excited for these new opportunities for our team members and growth of staff. Thank you for your support and patience as we move down the new path!

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