Rose Garden

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Fun Fact

Founder Harold Valentine Jacobs' wife Rose, a first grade teacher, is the "Rose" referred to in "The Rose of Delta Sigma Pi."

Rose Garden

Since 1921, the rose has been an important symbol of Delta Sigma Pi. During Grand Chapter Congress in 2021, we introduced a virtual Rose Garden -- an opportunity for Deltasigs to contribute through donations and send a virtual rose to a special Deltasig or other loved one. The Rose Garden was so well received, that we decided to bring it to life (with paper roses, of course!) this GCC. The Rose Garden provides a platform to craft heartfelt messages for a special brother or other loved one.

This GCC, we invite all Deltasigs to honor or memorialize someone special through the Rose Garden. We understand that not everyone can be with us in person at this GCC, so we are extending the opportunity for non-GCC attendees to participate in the Rose Garden!


Make your Rose Garden gift now ($10 minimum) in honor/memory of a Deltasig brother or other loved one today! Leave a special message in the notes field on the donation page and we'll add it to the Rose Garden at GCC! All recipients will receive an acknowledgement of your tribute.