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Leadership Foundation Funds Building Toward Endowment

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The Leadership Foundation oversees funds as they build toward endowment. Many of these funds designate specific types of recipients or are designated for use toward specific goals. You may designate a tax-deductible gift for an individual fund, or give to the Foundation generally to broadly support all of the Foundation’s funds and programs.  

Leadership Foundation Funds Currently Building Toward Endowment 

  • Alpha Epsilon - Andrew F. Kokesh Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Hudson and Wernette Educational Grant Fund
For more information on these funds, or for guidance on how to designate your gift for a particular fund or purpose, please contact the Foundation.

Interested in creating an endowment with Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation? 

You can create endowments for educational grants to support Delta Sigma Pi endeavors, chapter grants to support educational efforts of individual chapters or those within geographic areas, or individual scholarships.

The Basics to Create an Endowment:

  • The minimum amount to endow an individual scholarship is $50,000 within a five-year period, with a $10,000 initial minimum investment.
  • The minimum amount to endow an operational grant is $30,000 within a five-year period, with a $5,000 initial minimum investment.
  • Within 12 months of achieving the minimum endowment, a percentage of the fair market value (as determined by the Board of Trustee annually), will be distributed as per the endowment agreement, and will do so annually.
  • Leadership Foundation staff will work with you to customize an endowment agreement to best achieve your goals for helping Deltasigs. Contact with questions or for assistance.