Bill Schiiling

Fun Fact

When Bill started at Delta Sigma Pi in 1995, the Foundation Grants to the Fraternity for educational programing totaled $34,648. Today, the Foundation provides $220,000 in educational grants to the Fraternity! 

Join us in thanking Bill Schilling for making a REEL big impact on Delta Sigma Pi over the past 27 years and join us in wishing him well as he o-fish-ially retires.

Bill's REEL Big Impact - Thanks Bill
Give a minimum gift of $27 to the Bill & Sherry Schilling Fund to be added to "Schilling Lake". Gifts in the Schilling Fund are used to furnish grants to Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity.

At the conclusion of the 2022 Grand Chapter Congress, we will include all of the "fishy" messages into a keepsake for Bill.

One Whaley Big Fish ($5000)

Big Red 'Roundtable' Fish ($1200)

Nebraska "Shil" Fish ($250)

Goldfish ($100)

Minnows ($27)