Building on Tradition: Benefits of a Business Fraternity


When you join Delta Sigma Pi, you'll find that the benefits of a co-ed business fraternity extend beyond career advice and preparation for the business world. While business training is a key component of our Fraternity's purpose, at Delta Sigma Pi, we believe in building the whole person. Our rich history and traditions foster strong connections between members of Delta Sigma Pi in social, service, and leadership activities.

Benefits of a Business Fraternity: Social Connections

As a co-ed fraternity, many Delta Sigma Pi social traditions are built to forge connections within a framework of respect and diversity. Many of our chapters:

  • Host banquets on Delta Sigma Pi anniversaries such as Founders' Day.
  • Host annual receptions to foster connections between alumni and collegiate members.
  • Participate in campus activities such as Greek Week, Homecoming and family and alumni weekend festivities.
  • Make annual trips to businesses and conferences.
  • Wear Fraternity letters or Fraternity colors on certain days.
  • Distribute red roses on Founders' Day or other special occasions.

Delta Sigma Pi pledge activities and initiation include positive traditions that build group identity and lifelong friendships, creating a valuable framework of Delta Sigma Pi social connections that benefit us as a business fraternity and as individuals.

Benefits of a Business Fraternity: Encouraging Leadership

Many Delta Sigma Pi traditions encourage leadership by honoring chapter officers. Some of these traditions include:

  • Passing a jeweled badge down during officer transition.
  • Making contributions to the Leadership Foundation in honor of chapter leaders.
  • Purchasing a commemorative brick for the Central Office courtyard.
  • Ceremonial officer traditions, such as signing chapter copies of Robert’s Rules of Order and passing down a ceremonial gavel.

Benefits of a Business Fraternity: Service in the Community

Service is a foundational value for Delta Sigma Pi. From national initiatives to chapter activities, community service forms a critical part of building future business leaders. Many of our members find that the satisfaction of giving back and helping others is one of the greatest benefits of business fraternity involvement. Learn more about Delta Sigma Pi traditions and activities through your local alumni chapter or collegiate chapter.