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Delta Sigma Pi Chapter Leadership

Chapter Leadership
Holding a chapter leadership position is not only an excellent way to build hands-on leadership experience, it’s also a great way to have fun and build lasting relationships. Whether you’re a collegiate member or an alumnus, chapter leadership can be a rewarding challenge that positively impacts your career, your Fraternity, and your community.

What Do Chapter Officers Do?

Depending on your office, you may be involved in recruiting new members, running marketing campaigns, planning events, holding meetings, starting or reactivating a chapter, handling disciplinary trials, building relationships between students and faculty or students and alumni, setting goals, managing short- and long-term planning, and casting strategic vision for your chapter. In Delta Sigma Pi, you can develop your leadership skills in a way that matches your strengths and challenges you to grow in your confidence and abilities.

Can Alumni Continue Their Leadership?

Alumni have many opportunities to sharpen the leadership skills they developed as collegiate members. Options include serving as a District Director for a collegiate chapter, starting a new alumni chapter or running an existing chapter, planning events, or preparing to lead in a regional, provincial, or national capacity.

Get involved in a local chapter and find out more about how chapter leadership can be a rewarding part of your life as a Deltasig.