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Strategic Priorities Dashboard - Provincial

Member Education

Equip members to excel as ethical leaders on campus and in the community.

Educating members to stand out as ethical leaders on campus and beyond is about educating all members (pledges, collegiate, alumni, faculty, and volunteers), providing easily available access when needed. Education should include training for all aspects of fraternal lifecycle, including the skills needed for academic, career and life success.

GOAL: Member Development: Increase the annual number of overall learners through live events and webinars by at least 5% each year and 50% over the term of the priorities.


GOAL: Leadership Development
: Provide training for chapter officers and volunteer leaders, with 95% participation



Membership Growth

Attract and retain diverse students, alumni, and community leaders.

Increasing diverse membership in local chapters ensures unique perspectives and enhances the member experience. Opening chapters at new campuses and returning to campuses that have previously closed, enhances brand recognition and opens doors within additional communities and business communities.

GOAL: Chapter Expansion: Install or reactivate at least 30 collegiate chapters over the term of the priorities.


GOAL: Membership:
Increase combined fall and spring dues paying collegiate members by 10% over the term of the priorities. 



Membership Engagement

Provide members with meaningful involvement opportunities at every stage in life. 

Lifelong member engagement encompasses the ongoing interaction and emotional commitment between our members and Delta Sigma Pi. This involves developing a deeper understanding of how and why members are and want to participate, and better aligning activities with varied interests and experiences - especially offering opportunities that don't require overwhelming time, financial, or travel commitments.

GOAL: Alumni Engagement: Generate trackable engagement of 30,000 alumni over the term of the priorities with an increase of 10% every year as they interact with the organization via channels including but not limited to volunteers, donors, event participants, supporters of chapter or regional activities, or otherwise engaging in national initiatives.


GOAL: Member Retention:
Engage 50% of new alumni within three years after their graduation, while retaining annually 45% of the prior year’s overall engaged alumni. 


Organizational Excellence

Strengthen infrastructure to support priorities.

While the other three pillars are important building blocks of growth and success of Delta Sigma Pi, ensuring organizational excellence is vital to keeping our organization thriving.

GOAL: Financial: Decrease financial dependence on revenue from members by annually increasing non-dues/fees revenue by 5%. On the Provincial level, this is measured by Chapter Leadership Fund dollars granted to chapters and money raised by chapters through fundraising. 


GOAL: Fraternal Organization: 75% of collegiate and alumni chapters achieve established minimum health indictor.