Nominations Being Accepted for Huron Regional Vice President

Jun 13, 2024 – Nominations are now being accepted to fill the vacant position for Huron RVP.

All nominations for elective office must be submitted online using the electronic form at An electronic signature affirming the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy is required.   

The previous Huron RVP, Chrissy Nicholson, recently stepped down from the position. We thank her for her service to the Fraternity!

Nominations may be submitted at any time but must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. (Eastern) on Wednesday July 3, 2024. 

An official description of the duties of a Regional Vice President can be found in Bylaws Article VIII and in Policy and Procedures Section L.3. All those who are or will be eligible are invited to hold this office and consider this level of service to our Fraternity. In the interim, if there are any questions regarding this procedure or this office, please feel free to contact Nicole Orlando at

The interim appointee and all other eligible brothers will automatically be considered candidates upon their completion and submission of the nomination form and any statement of position. Important nomination information may be found in Policy P. Nominations, Campaigning and Vacancies and at In accordance with policy, Central Office staff will verify the eligibility of those nominated.   

While nominations are taken and an election is conducted, Colin Gudenau ( will serve as interim Regional Vice President to aide with the transition. 

An official ballot will be distributed to all the eligible chapters in the Huron Region following final receipt of nominations and will be accepted by the Central Office for a period of three weeks following its distribution. Upon the close of election, the newly elected officer will immediately assume office

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