4/25 Alumni Day Drive Raises More Than $80,000

May 15, 2024 – The Leadership Foundation hosted its 4/25 Alumni Day Drive, with the primary goal to raise money for the Annual Fund.

The 2024 4/25 Alumni Day Drive raised more than $80,000 from 219 donors, 20 of whom donated for the first time. The monies raised during this campaign make a big difference for Deltasigs and support the future of the Fraternity.

During the drive the following funds were raised:

  • more than $41,000 for the Annual Fund
  • nearly $20,000 to 82 Chapter Leadership Funds
  • nearly $20,000 for general support, immediate use and endowment funds

This year the Provinces competed to raise funds. In the competition, the Southern Province and North Central Province each raised over $22,000 and the South Central, Northeastern and Western Provinces raised a combined total of nearly $30,000 for the drive.  There was amazing participation across the country and friendly competitions between the Provinces.

Since 2021, the Leadership Foundation’s peer-to-peer online giving campaigns have grown more every year! In the past three fiscal years, the combined funds raised for Founders’ Day Challenge and 4/25 Alumni Day Drive is $584,298, with 3,464 participants, 3,843 donations, 1,498 first-time donors and 3,034 total donors!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2024 4/25 Alumni Day Drive!

Thank you to the Provincial Co-Chair Campaign Leaders, all who created fundraising pages, those who offered gift-matching, all donors and everyone who helped celebrate National Alumni Day by promoting the 4/25 Alumni Day Drive.

  • Fraternity Operations