Brother Woockman earns Challenge Coin Recognition

Mar 13, 2024 – Emily Woockman, Wayne State-Nebraska, received a challenge coin from Kelly Lammers, director of Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance.

Emily is senior vice president of Eta Pi Chapter and knew the chapter was struggling to find speakers for the fall term. Having previously met Kelly at a finance conference, Brother Woockman reached out to him through LinkedIn and asked him to present to the chapter. Lammers response was to take the two-hour drive to speak to the students.

Challenge coins are small coins or medallions showcasing an organization’s emblem or logo. According to Emily, the coin is given to people who are trying to improve and promote Nebraskan financial services, as Nebraska has played a huge role in the industry.

After showing great initiative, Lammers gave Emily a challenge coin to recognize her. “Kelly gave me the coin because of the leadership skills I demonstrated when I asked him to speak to my chapter. He said people are often nervous and it was awesome that I reached out. I’m happy I strengthened this connection with him,” said Emily.

Lammers came and spoke to the chapter, and Emily said, “It was a great experience. Kelly is wonderful at public speaking. He made us excited about his passions and field.”

One of Emily’s favorite Deltasig memories is going to her first LEAD event this past fall. At the 2023 Chicago LEAD School, she strengthened and created new friendships from the event! Along with Delta Sigma Pi, she is involved with the Cooperative Education Careers Scholars at Wayne State College, where she is in an advisory team to help students, advisors, and cooperating businesses get the most out of their senior year internships.

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