Fraternity Board Meeting Minutes in Seconds

Mar 01, 2024 – The National Fraternity Board of Directors met January 27-28. Read the Minutes in Seconds for a quick summary of the meeting.

Minutes in Seconds from the January 2024 Board Meeting:


    • Selected 2024 National Collegian of the Year and Career Achievement Award recipient to be announced at a later date.
    • Endorsed previous mail votes:
      • Board approved revocation vote for Kappa Upsilon (Winona State) due to continued dwindling membership numbers and ultimately abandonment. Staff and volunteers invested much effort over the past several years to assist and support the chapter prior to this decision.
      • Board approved revocation vote for Omega Tau (Northwood (MI)) due to abandonment. Administrators, volunteers, and staff reached out to all members of the chapter multiple times over the course of six months with no response.
      • Board approved reorganization for Eta Psi (Houston) to appropriately adjust roster and ensure members are committed to the rebuilding of the chapter in accordance with Fraternity Ritual, bylaws, polices, procedures, best practices, and values.
      • Approved a 90-day suspension for Beta Nu (Pennsylvania) to match University action until the fall 2025 term for noncompliance of organization policy and violation of the institutional no-tolerance policy for hate messaging. During the meeting, the Board also approved additional 90-day suspensions through 6/30/25.
    • Approved Leadership Foundation grant request funding prioritization for 2024-25. To be voted on by Leadership Foundation Board in March.
    • Failed a recommendation to allow exemption for alcohol licensing.
    • Failed a recommendation to allow text messaging related to partnerships.
    • Failed a recommendation to remove the magazine recipient list from policy.   
    • Provided direction to Community Service Committee of supporting a national cause, instead of a specific organization.   

    Additional Updates:

    • Received progress updates on Task Forces and Committees.
    • Provided feedback on white paper for Jurisprudence Committee and then directed staff and Organizational Development Committee to continue development with an update by July meeting.
    • Reviewed the Education Roadmap, which Board supported direction as outlined.
    • Reviewed plan for more standardization among events, with less responsibility falling on volunteers.
    • Professional Development and Nominations will be hosting a session “So you want to be an RVP” in fall 2024 as first part of expanded candidate training.
    • Reviewed plans for August Retreat, which will focus on developing future leaders. Fraternity will be paying for hotel for participants and charging no registration fee.
    • Reviewed details of metrics being used by staff for growth potential. Also discussed chapter and member growth projection models.
    • Reviewed new chapter support model that looks at the health indicator and matches support based on need. This allows the Fraternity to better utilize the resources of the staff and local volunteers. 
    • Reviewed updated SME program, which will help provide additional support above and beyond the Chapter Services Support. New SME projects will focus on recruitment and financial management. Requests will be funneled through Chapter Development Team.
    • Reviewed the status of the current fiscal year budget anticipating a lower deficit than originally budgeted. Also discussed a draft of the 2024-25 fiscal year budget intended for vote at the April meeting. 
    • Reviewed technology plan.
    • Reviewed plan for Alumni Chapter Fees forecasting, with plans of a 10% increase of franchising fees per year, as allowed by bylaws. Committee is also reviewing alumni chapter insurance premiums and how they can be used to reduce collegian burden. 

    To request a copy of the full meeting minutes, please email To submit a recommendation to the Board of Directors, please complete the official recommendation form and submit it via email to the Grand President and Executive Director.  Other ideas or suggestions may be sent to  If you’d like to get involved in a committee, please complete our volunteer interest form.

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