Volunteer Profile: Jessica Glavas

Sep 12, 2023 – We are covering the volunteers of Delta Sigma Pi. Volunteering doesn’t just benefit our members, chapters and organization, but offers a multitude of personal and professional benefits for brothers.

Jessica Glavas, Oklahoma, is a Living Legacy Society member. “I included Delta Sigma Pi in my will because it was such a wonderful part of my college experience and has continued to add value to my life in many ways as an alumni member. I wanted to leave money to the Fraternity so that it can continue to play this role for others for as long as possible.” Jessica has continued to stay involved even though she has moved from city to city. While in Oklahoma, she was VP-Finance for the Tulsa Green Country Alumni Chapter. While living in Kansas City, she was VP-Finance for the Kansas City Alumni Chapter and also served as a District Director for Rockhurst (MO), Kansas and Missouri-Kansas City. She also served on the South Central Provincial Awards Committee. When she moved to the Western Province, she wanted to make sure she stayed involved so she reached out to the current Provincial Vice President at the time and accepted the role of Provincial Community Service Chair. She also served as VP-Chapter Operations for Denver Alumni Chapter. Jessica stays involved because she likes knowing that she is making a difference, no matter how big or small. “Volunteering gives me a sense of fulfillment that I do not get elsewhere. It helps improve my mental health, and it also allows me to experience new things and get outside of my comfort zone.” Volunteering also helps her develop many skills that help her both in her personal and professional life as a real estate project manager at QuikTrip Corporation. “It helps me with my organization skills, my management skills, and most importantly, it helps develop empathy for others and their life experiences. I think empathy is a great leadership skill because relationships are key to being effective in many roles.”

When asked what she would tell someone who is thinking about giving back, her response was simple: “Please do it! You won’t regret it, and you will probably leave with new friends and a great sense of accomplishment! Also remember that one of our principles encourages service, for good reason.”

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