Volunteer Profile: Chris and Gabby Leto

Sep 07, 2023 – We are covering the volunteers of Delta Sigma Pi. Volunteering doesn’t just benefit our members, chapters and organization, but offers a multitude of personal and professional benefits for brothers.

Chris and Gabby Leto, both South Florida-Tampa, volunteer for Delta Sigma Pi. Chris has served as District Director and alumni chapter officer while Gabby has served as South Atlantic Regional Vice President, District Director and a South Atlantic Regional Awards Committee member. Both Chris and Gabby love to give back to the Fraternity so they do what they can to make it work. “We are a family of five (including our dog Gus Gus). It is never easy trying to figure out our schedules for the week. Between school activities for our oldest son CJ, ensuring our youngest son Gabriel has everything ready for daycare, working together in the same company, Zoom calls for Zeta Theta (Western Kentucky), phone calls with Rho Psi (South Florida-St. Petersburg) and Theta Phi (South Florida-Tampa) and to top it all off trying to attend some of their events. That is also not going into our social life outside of work and Delta Sigma Pi. Prioritizing is key. We have a giant white board calendar that breaks down what we have going on in the week. We keep ourselves organized. We both know when each other has a Deltasig event because it’s on the calendar. We are constantly updating each other on what we have going on for the week, what meals will be cooked, who is picking up which kid from school and so forth. We also take our kids on adventures on the weekends to have that family time. Our communication is what helps us keep that balance going.”

Although it may be a lot of work, they both find volunteering to be very rewarding. Chris loves to mentor collegiate members and to help lead these young professionals to success. It also allows him to work with a newer, younger generation which helps him in his professional life as an NDT manager at Tampa Brass and Aluminum. “[Volunteering] improved my communication skills and gave me the experience of dealing with all different types of personalities and styles. It also allows me to try various training and explanation methods that I can also use in my professional life.” Gabby loves to help see chapters succeed by sharing her Deltasig knowledge. She is also amazed by the new and fresh events the chapters plan, including a fundraising gala. Serving also helps her grow as a leader and better communicate with her coworkers. “I was able to see what leadership styles I align more with.” Both will tell you about the many ways to get involved. “It is a very rewarding experience and there are all different types of volunteer positions that can fit into any lifestyle,” said Chris. Gabby continued, “If you are on the fence, talk to someone. Reach out to your local Regional Vice President and see what ways you can get involved. It could be joining a committee, becoming a District Director, being a guest speaker at a national event or even joining a task force. The opportunities are there!”

One word to describe how volunteering makes Gabby feel: Happy.

One word to describe how volunteering makes Chris feel: Fulfilled.

If you are interested in a volunteer opportunity, fill out a Volunteer Interest Form here.

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