Volunteer Profile: Wayne Prichard

Sep 05, 2023 – We are covering the volunteers of Delta Sigma Pi. Volunteering doesn’t just benefit our members, chapters and organization, but offers a multitude of personal and professional benefits for brothers.

Wayne Prichard, Truman State (MO), prefers to volunteer “behind the scenes” helping out various staff and volunteers he has close personal relationships. He has also presented sessions at handful of LEAD events and Grand Chapter Congress and was a small group facilitator at Presidents’ Academy. He has served in more “official” capacities such as District Director and serving on both the National Marketing and Communication (no longer active) and the Scholastic Development and Awards Committees. “I have found that opportunities are always available for capable individuals who have a motivation to serve.” Wayne loves the personal benefits of volunteering. One of the main reasons he volunteers is to “keep relationships vibrant and fulfilling." He knows that as life progresses it is harder to find time in your life and serving allows him to reengage with other Deltasigs while helping the Fraternity. Wayne also enjoys interactions with collegiate members. “There is always something intangible that makes me feel like I am doing something good and helpful. When a note of thanks drops in your inbox after an event, that is the best. It makes it all worthwhile. I think it is vital for the older generation to pass along what they have learned so the younger generation can make the most informed decisions possible and have everything they need to be set up for success.” And he does have some advice. “Invest now and continue to do so. Financially? Yes. Volunteering? Yes. Socially? Yes. Remember, it is impossible to ‘time’ markets, groups, etc. The only thing you can control is your ‘time in’ these pursuits. Invest now, volunteer now, travel now, and call your brothers/friends. Ask your leaders what you can help with. Now!”

One word to describe how volunteering makes him feel: Fulfilled.

If you are interested in a volunteer opportunity, fill out a Volunteer Interest Form here.

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