Volunteer Profile: Jennifer Mayes

Aug 29, 2023 – We are covering the volunteers of Delta Sigma Pi. Volunteering doesn’t just benefit our members, chapters and organization, but offers a multitude of personal and professional benefits for brothers.

Jennifer Mayes, Oklahoma, has recently served as National Alumni Development Committee Chair. The Alumni Development Committee promotes and supports alumni engagement opportunities and coordinates efforts to establish and maintain alumni chapters. The committee also collaborates on programs and promotional efforts with the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation. Her previous roles as Alumni Chapter President, Alumni Chapter Vice President-Chapter Operations, Alumni Chapter Vice President-Collegiate Relations and Tornado Alley Regional Vice President helped prepare her for the role. “I wanted an opportunity to make an impact on the current and future state of the Fraternity. Being an alumni member myself, as well as holding various alumni chapter roles, it felt very important to me to take all of those experiences and feedback obtained from others to enhance the alumni experience.” Jennifer has also served on the South Central Provincial Discipline Committee, on the 2020 Pandemic National Events Task Force, on the South Central Professional Development Committee and as a District Director for Beta Epsilon at Oklahoma. “I feel like [volunteering] gives me a stronger sense of connection and helps me build community within the Fraternity.” She has also built a number of strong relationships with brothers that she met while in various volunteer roles. Beyond friendships, volunteering has also helped Jennifer in her professional life. “Volunteering in various roles has actually given me more confidence in public speaking, presenting my ideas and working with a variety of people with diverse perspectives. Being in leadership roles in the Fraternity also makes me more comfortable with taking on leadership roles within my career.”

One word to describe how volunteering makes her feel: Inspired.

If you are interested in a volunteer opportunity, fill out a Volunteer Interest Form here.

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