Volunteer Profile: Allison Coe McMickle

Aug 24, 2023 – We are covering the volunteers of Delta Sigma Pi. Volunteering doesn’t just benefit our members, chapters and organization, but offers a multitude of personal and professional benefits for brothers.

Allison Coe McMickle, Texas Tech, recently served as District Director for Alpha Nu Chapter at Denver and Western Provincial Professional Development Chair. She has also been on the Leadership Foundation’s Scholarship & Grant Committee.

Delta Sigma Pi is not new to Allison. Her parents, Tony Coe, Cal Poly-Pomona, and Karen, Texas-San Antonio, are also brothers! “[My dad’s] passion for the Fraternity and his continued interest in volunteering are really what made me want to be a part of Delta Sigma Pi.”

She, however, didn’t start volunteering until asked to do so. As she has moved around the country, she has connected with many brothers who were also volunteers and they encouraged her to do the same. “When those brothers presented opportunities in leadership to me, I knew my passion for Delta Sigma Pi would make up for any lack of experience I had in a particular area. Thankfully, no volunteer leader is an island—there has been a massive amount of help and guidance from brothers with more experience. I have been able to learn as I go with awesome support from other volunteer leaders, and it has been a pleasure fulfilling a need in the organization that I care so much about.”

Her parents may have instilled the Fraternity in her life from an early age, but Allison prioritizes Delta Sigma Pi. “Volunteering is just part of my work and life. When I am helping the Fraternity, I'm also learning more about the business world and improving my own professional skills. It's also time that I am spending with my brothers, usually doing something fun like getting dinner with local alumni or dancing at banquet during a national event! It never feels like an obligation that I have to make time for volunteering because it is something that I have woven into my routines.”

One word to describe how volunteering makes her feel: Proud.

If you are interested in volunteering, Allison’s advice is to “test the waters…There are a ton of avenues that can suit just anything you're looking to do.” Fill out a Volunteer Interest Form here.

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