Foundation Trustee Meetings Minutes in Seconds

May 02, 2023 – Leadership Foundation Mid-Year Trustee Meeting was held on March 30.

After discussing reports, key actions taken include: 

  • The FY 2023-24 Fraternity Grant Prioritization Request Agreement was approved which will provide a $242,000 grant to the Fraternity for educational initiatives
  • The Leadership Foundation Operating Budget for FY 2023-24 was approved with plans discussed for future budgets.
  • Approved to update Policy III. A. 4 Pledge Acceptance Policy to provide clarity on combined pledges from spouses/partners.
  • Approved to update Policy J. II. f. 5 Per Diem Policy related to meal reimbursement to better align with IRS standards.
  • A policy was adopted identifying how  the Leadership Foundation can collect additional gifts to help offset the cost of credit card processing fees, if desired by the donor.
  • Approved to update policy (II.A.2.a., I.B.I.1.1 and Template II.B. Schedule A) to increase the amount required to fully endow a named fund for individual scholarships to $50,000, with a minimum of $10,000 initial investment. Organizational Grant/Program endowments remain at $30,000 with a $5,000 initial investment.
  • Approved to update Policy II.B. Article III.3.1 for clarification of amendment and termination of endowed funds.
  • Approved to update the Deltasig For Life Donor (DFLD) program policy (Policy I.L.1 and I.L.2) to include funds that support the operations of the Foundation and its goal to maximize grants supporting the educational programs of the national Fraternity. 
  • A policy was adopted to create the Deltasig BASE Society for ongoing growth and support of Foundation operations.
  • The expectations and responsibilities for Leadership Foundation Trustees (Policy I.D.1.b.) was amended to have at least $1,200 of the annual gift to be designated to Funds that support the operations of the Foundation and its goal to maximize grants supporting the national Fraternity and its educational programs.
  • Fraternity Operations