LEAD Provincial Conference Recap

Mar 22, 2023 – Deltasigs and guests gathered for the 2023 LEAD Provincial Conferences and Council Meetings in five locations.

Many smiles and memories were shared as brothers from around the country gathered together in Kansas City, MO, Newark, NJ, Indianapolis, IN, Knoxville, TN and Bellevue, WA to learn and network. With networking events on Friday nights at all locations, attendees were re-introduced to the art and magic of networking with various programs and activities to encourage camaraderie. Saturday’s keynote speakers included DeMoine Adams, Nebraska-Lincoln, with Exercise Your Leadership; Brad Killmeyer, Dallas Area, with Formulate Your Future; Megan Pukala with Secrets for Success: Life Lessons I Wish I Knew in College; and Melanie Feldman with Network to Land Your Dream Job

Brothers were recognized for their outstanding achievements including Helmet awards and chapter, regional and provincial Collegians of the Year were celebrated at all events with Sydney Sampson-Webb, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, being named 2023 National Collegian of the Year at the North Central LEAD Provincial Conference. In Kansas City, attendees enjoyed a comedy hypnosis show facilitated by Bryan Powers while those attending Knoxville had the opportunity to join Mid-Atlantic RVP Chelsey Fix for a night of trivia, and attendees in Bellevue learned how to grow their business card pile while networking “from college to a job.”  

At each event, members and chapters served local Ronald McDonald House Charities, Deltasig’s national initiative, as well as other impactful service endeavors. Brothers also had the opportunity to engage with Delta Sigma Pi partners including IES Abroad & Internships, Enterprise Holdings, Rocket Companies, Fraternal Composite Service and Mecca Specialties.

Provincial Council Meetings were held at each event with unique agendas that may have included legislation for Bylaw and Ritual changes, provincial budgets, locations for 2025 LEAD Provincials and more.

Be sure to check out upcoming events and webinars – we hope to see you soon! 


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