Delta Sigma Pi is Hiring

Mar 20, 2023 – Delta Sigma Pi is hiring for a key position to strengthen its chapter support services.

Delta Sigma Pi is expanding its team and hiring an Associate Director of Standards and Integrity.

This position will work under the direction of the Director of Chapter Services, as we strive to reach new heights in the areas of restorative justice and chapter support. Interested candidates for this role can apply by emailing

Associate Director of Standards and Integrity

The purpose of this role is to perpetuate and protect the values and mission of the organization by providing a structure of support that allows, staff, volunteers, chapter members, and institutions to collaborate and maximize the potential for long-term success of our chapters.

The Associate Director of Standards and Integrity:

  • is a support for chapter assistance/discipline as well as individual discipline processes
  • is responsible for policy and process interpretation
  • develops sound risk management practices
  • processes cases and tracks chapter actions

Success in this position will require knowledge of institutional student organization conduct processes, understanding of restorative justice practices, communication skills with a variety of stakeholders, and the ability to balance a variety of chapter standards issues simultaneously.

They will also serve as the primary staff representative for behavioral conduct issues while coordinating with institution personnel, collegiate members, volunteers, and staff to assist chapters in identifying needs and resources available for further chapter development. They will develop future strategy of innovative practices for sustained chapter success and maintain expert knowledge of impactful state and federal laws, regulations and statutes.

Additional questions can be directed to Tyler Havens, Director of Chapter Services, at

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