Nebraska Chapter Helps Students Dress for Success

Jan 10, 2023 – Alpha Delta operates Career Closet, which helps University of Nebraska create a professional wardrobe.

As the academic year moves closer to commencement, graduating seniors (and underclassmen looking for the right internship to boost career prospects) understand that it’s important to look the part heading into interviews. Unfortunately, many students encounter financial barriers to obtaining a professional wardrobe. The Deltasig chapter at the University of Nebraska is helping Cornhuskers prepare for the professional world through Alpha Delta’s operation of the Career Closet, which provides free, gently used office attire.

Career Closet was opened in 2017 to help outfit business-school students for the working world. This past fall, thanks to an influx of donations from faculty and local businesses, Career Closet was able to expand to serve Nebraska’s entire student body. Rory Trager, an Alpha Delta from Council Bluffs, Iowa who’s a senior marketing major and the chapter’s new Senior Vice President, served as Career Closet co-director alongside Grace Olsen until she assumed her current role. Other Deltasig chapter members help operate the store.

“Each semester, students can get three items from us. It’s exciting that so many students are coming in and taking advantage of the Career Closet,” Rory said. “It makes us feel like we’re making a difference and helping students across campus feel great for an interview, whether they study architecture or business.”

The Career Closet offers approximately 4,000 clothing items; students can obtain up to three garments during a school year. Rory noted that much of the Career Closet’s apparel is unworn, with the original pricetags attached.

“We have a lot of demand during the middle of fall term, when a lot of companies are conducting career fairs,” Rory said. “Then, we have a lot of activity shortly before companies resume career fairs in the spring, as well as interviews that take place for summer internships.”

Brother Trager said one of her favorite experiences was having the chapter stage an inventory, when Alpha Delta’s entire brotherhood pitched in to help Career Closet update its stock of work clothes.

“Helping positively impact fellow students’ preparation for transitioning to work has been rewarding for our chapter,” Rory said. “We’re proud to continue the legacy our brothers created, and our continued growth has definitely been a positive.” 









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