Deltasig Welcomes Director of Education Luke Schamer

Nov 17, 2022 – Delta Sigma Pi is excited to welcome Luke to the Central Office staff as Director of Education.

Delta Sigma Pi is excited to welcome Luke Schamer aboard as its new Director of Education. Luke graduated from University of Dayton with a bachelor’s degree in education, and then earned his master’s degree in education with a major in learning and technology. He has worked for Montgomery County (Ohio) Juvenile Courts, IDEA Public Schools in Texas, and Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati. His myriad responsibilities have included professional development, curriculum design and serving as a teacher mentor. 

When he’s not pondering the future of education, Luke enjoys a range of hobbies and interests. He thoroughly loves to write; Luke is a published author of more than 20 works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Further, he is a produced screenwriter who's worked on three films. 

Luke has pursued several entrepreneurial ventures, including a music production studio where he produced thousands of projects for clients internationally. His current passion project, KoreShare, is an ed-tech SaaS startup focused on solving the problem of teacher retention. 

Luke said, "In joining Delta Sigma Pi as Director of Education, I look forward to focusing on the following objectives during my first year in the role:  1. Creating and refining engaging and worthwhile content for our members; 2. Developing overarching objectives for learning in our organization that will serve as anchors in all educational programming we provide; and 3. Gathering feedback and input from a variety of members and stakeholders to help shape our educational offerings. to best serve Deltasigs and reflect the most critical needs of our organization."

On weekends, Luke enjoys reading philosophy, hiking in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and racing cars. He is an avid golfer and will never turn down an opportunity to shoot well over par. His favorite movie is No Country For Old Men, and although he's not an ice cream fan (other recent new hires were also asked their favorite flavor), he's quite fond of chocolate chip cookies.





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