Fraternity Board Meeting Minutes in Seconds

Oct 31, 2022 – The National Fraternity Board of Directors met October 3. Read the Minutes in Seconds for a quick summary of the meeting.

Minutes in Seconds from October 3, 2022 Board Meeting:

  • After reviewing survey results on prioritization of recommendations from the DEI Task Force, provided direction to staff, the Organizational Development Committee and the Nominations Committee on next action items. After setting an action plan and acknowledging Board accountability for ongoing DEI focus, the Board closed the DEI Task Force and thanked Andrew Bare and the rest of the Task Force members for their impatful work.
  • Reviewed an updated Board, staff and National Committee reporting process for the January Board meeting.
  • Board reviewed proposals to provide Grand Officer candidates with chapter contact information and to provide Grand Officer candidates with delegate list. The Nominations Committee expressed concerns about privacy of members, concerns about being able to monitor contacts and not setting a tone that campaigning is a requirement, proposing instead to include a contact link to chapter presidents through each chapter profile page on the website. The Board failed to approve any of the proposals, providing feedback to the Nominations Committee desiring candidates to be able to message chapters via email in managed format that protects officer privacy. Board would like committee to review regulations related to campaigning on social media. To allow additional time to determine next steps, the Board approved to delay the first candidate announcement date for 2023 to February 6.
  • Board reviewed a series of recommended action items proposed by the Legislative and Election Task Force and provided direction to staff and the Task Force to execute on those action items.
  • Board discussed and decided they are generally not in favor of announcing the election vote counts to the general body, but would like the Legislative and Election Task Force to review teller process and training. Training of tellers is highest priority.
  • Similar to previous Ritual changes, Board agreed to have chapters pay approximately 80% of printing costs, while the Fraternity covers 20% of printing costs and 100% of distribution and shipping for new Ritual Books. Staff will continue with plans for a “temporary” book to be distributed by January 2023 and a “permanent” book to be produced following 2023 GCC.
  • Board approved adding $10,000 to the Special Projects Budget to hire a governance consultant for January Board meeting. Direction is for a half-day exercise to clarify “what we’ve heard, what we think, and how we can move forward.”
  • Reviewed COVID precautions for upcoming LEAD events focusing on messaging and individual responsibility.
  • Granted the Executive Director permission to sign a 2027 Grand Chapter Congress contract in New Orleans as long as it fits within a given set of pricing parameters.
  • Unanimously approved overturning an individual expulsion being reviewed on appeal. 

      To request a copy of the full meeting minutes, please email To submit a recommendation to the Board of Directors, please complete the official recommendation form and submit it via email to the Grand President and Executive Director.  Other ideas or suggestions may be sent to  If you’d like to get involved in a committee, please complete our volunteer interest form.

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