Brother Wulfhorst Earns Distinguished Service Medal

Sep 19, 2022 – Kevin Wulfhorst earned the Distinguished Service Medal during an exemplary military-intelligence career.

Collegians learn numerous invaluable life skills that go beyond lecture-hall learning: networking and time management are two key ones. As both an Army ROTC cadet and a Deltasig, Kevin Wulfhorst, Penn State-State College, was well prepared for military and civilian careers that ultimately led to his receiving the Army’s Distinguished Service Medal, one of the highest peacetime honors the military bestows.

Kevin grew up watching the Nittany Lions football on TV and knew that was where he wanted to attend college. He also enjoyed The Dirty Dozen and other military movies and likewise envisioned a career in the military. He merged both worlds by enrolling in Army ROTC while in school. ROTC fulfilled a major piece of Wulfhorst’s college experience, but he was also looking for a different type of brotherhood. And Deltasig provided it.

“A brother lived on my floor in the dorm, and he was always talking about how much he enjoyed it,” Kevin recalled. “At such a big school, it’s important to find a smaller community to feel connected. The access that being a Deltasig provided to speakers and leaders from the business world was a tremendous preparation for my career.”

Wulfhorst graduated in 1986 and was stationed in Germany as an armor officer, where he witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall firsthand. Kevin recalled, “I was also able to go visit the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia while I was stationed there, and the changes that were occurring as they moved toward democracy were breathtaking.”

He returned stateside in 1990, where he was stationed at Fort Monmouth in New Jersey and received military-intelligence training through the mid-‘90s. As the army downsized, Kevin transitioned to civilian life and became a change-management consultant for Accenture, which meshed well with an intelligence background. He returned to Army active duty in 2003 with his Army Reserve unit, where he was stationed at the Pentagon and provided invaluable intelligence work in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Kevin’s active duty tour ended in 2004, and he joined the FBI as an intelligence officer. He rose to the rank of commander, where he directed a brigade that provided intelligence training and support to all Army Reserve units.

In March 2016, Kevin took a leave of absence from the FBI when he was appointed Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, G-2, on the Army Staff at the Pentagon. As a Major General, one of his responsibilities was senior Army leader for the US Army military attaché corps and for foreign military attaches accredited to the U.S. Army. He frequently engaged with officers from partner and Allied nations and troops from foreign military forces. Building relationship was the lifeblood of his work, and he credits his time with Deltasig as being a valuable resource in developing relationships.

 Kevin retired from the Army in 2021 and returned to work for the FBI as a supervisory intelligence analyst. He was profoundly honored to receive the Distinguished Service Medal shortly before retirement as a testament to his important role in cultivating relationships with and providing information about foreign governments and military forces. He said, “When you’ve primarily served in the Reserves, this isn’t an honor you would expect to receive, and I was very grateful.”

Throughout his service to his country, he’s maintained a similar level of commitment to Deltasig.

“I’ve been involved with Alpha Gamma for a number of years, and it means a lot to me maintain that connection with the younger generation of brothers.”


By Steve Aust

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