Leadership Foundation Donors Recognized

Sep 16, 2022 – Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation donors were recognized at Grand Chapter Congress for reaching milestones.
By giving back to Delta Sigma Pi through the Leadership Foundation, these donors make a difference in the lives of students, alumni, and current and future business leaders.

Cumulative, tax-deductible gifts to the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation enable the important work of the Fraternity and the Foundation as we seek to make an impact in the lives of students, alumni, and business leaders both today and in the future.

THANK YOU to the following donors to the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation who were recognized at the 2022 Grand Chapter Congress* for reaching milestones of giving and volunteer roles. View a list of all members recognized for their Lifetime Giving Levels.

*Note: Some of these brothers were unable to be with us in person during Grand Chapter Congress, but were still recognized for their outstanding support.

Cornerstone ($5,000 - $9,999)

Gus Allen, Western Kentucky

Christopher Anderson, Winona State (MN)

Kyra Cahill, Penn State-Erie

Hillary & Paul Carpinella, Bentley (MA)/Roger Williams (RI)

Lindsay Dilger, Missouri-Columbia

Gayle & Jim Gerhardt, DePaul (IL)/Cincinnati

David Gulbrantson, Iowa State

Thomas Haliburton, Western Kentucky

Mary Moon, North Florida

Nicole Orlando, Winona State (MN)

Molly Rae, Winona State (MN)

Monica Ramey, Ohio Dominican

Kyle & Malory Rinderle, Xavier (OH)/Midwestern State (TX)

Joe Shaver, Truman State (MO)

Joe Tacto, San Diego State


Entrepreneur ($10,000 - $24,999)

Patrick Bonfrisco, Cal State-Fullerton

Jason & Missy Campbell, Penn State-Erie/St. Thomas (MN)

Conchita Dixon, Penn State-Erie

Emily & Matt Hudson, Lindenwood (MO)/Saint Louis

Jeremy Levine, Albion (MI)

Mike Sinclair, South Florida-Tampa

Chris & Kathy Lazo-Thompson, George Mason (VA)/New York


Benefactor ($25,000 - $49,999)

Rana & Tim Augustine, Kent State (OH)

Rich Garber, Indiana-Bloomington

John Henik, Indiana Northwest

Onuka Ibe, Truman State (MO)

Laurie Senko, Arizona State

Dan Tracy, Truman State (MO)


Fifth Founder ($50,000 - $99,999)

Pete Bjelan, DePaul (IL)

Stacy Jordan, Georgia Southern

Marlow Kee, Missouri-Columbia

Jim Pendergrass, Southern Mississippi


Centurion ($100,000 - $249,999)

Ruben Johnston, Nevada-Las Vegas

Ame & Brian Krippner, Truman State (MO) (both)

Sandy Shoemaker, Missouri State


Sustainer ($250,000 - $499,999)

Claire & Mark Roberts, San Francisco State/San Francisco


Living Legacy Society (Planned Giving)

Kyle Bischoff, Kennesaw State (GA)

Shawn Gregory, Tampa (FL)

Nolan Hickey, Iowa State

Beth Losik, Baker (KS)

Josh Robinson, Midwestern State (TX)

Joe Shaver, Truman State (MO)

Nicole Wernette, Missouri State


Trustee Emeritus                         

Jeff Briggs, Miami (OH)

Onuka Ibe, Truman State (MO)

Stacy Jordan, Georgia Southern

Corie Mowery, Penn State-Erie

Larry Van Quathem, Arizona

Mike Vitale, Rider (NJ)
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