Brother Dawkins Elected to Bedford City Council

Sep 06, 2022 – Brother Nichelle Dawkins won a seat on the Bedford, Tex. City Council seat during an August election.


Although Nichelle Dawkins, Drake (IA), doesn’t think of herself as a typical politician, she was elected to Bedford (Tex.) City Council in August. Her devotion to service and collaboration inspired her to represent Bedford’s Place 1, which is an at-large seat on the Council. Dawkins is grateful to Delta Sigma Pi for helping her develop confidence and the “servant-leader” ethic.

“I am kind of an introvert by nature, and Drake’s campus is 92% white, so I don’t look like a lot of other students there,” Dawkins, who graduated in 2004, said. “But, among Deltasigs, there was great cultural and national diversity and camaraderie. When I attended Grand Chapter Congress or LEAD events, it was comforting that I shared some common experiences with everyone there. This comfort and confidence has made it much easier to walk into a room full of strangers and network. I’ve also learned a great deal from Delta Sigma Pi in how to create standards and manage transitions.”

Nichelle’s experience as a Deltasig leader has provided a training ground for a political role. Nichelle has served as a District Director at Drake (IA) and Iowa State, was named North Central Province’s District Director of the Year in 2006, and served as Great Plains Regional Vice President. Brother Dawkins currently serves on the National Scholastic Development and 

Awards Committee, having previously served on the South Central Provincial and the Gulf Western Regional Awards Committees.

Nichelle, who was sworn in on September 6, aims to serve Bedford, a Dallas/Fort Worth suburb with approximately 50,000 residents, by encouraging more participation among citizens: “There aren’t as many advisory boards or committees in Bedford’s city government compared to other cities, and I hope to work with the city manager to create more so we can incorporate more citizen voices into government decisions.”

Nichelle is also active in the Dallas Area Alumni Chapter, previously serving as Vice President-Finance. She said, “I’m very encouraged by the way brothers have maintained connections, continue to build brotherhood and advance the Fraternity as we emerged from the [COVID-19] pandemic." 

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