Delta Sigma Pi is Hiring

Aug 31, 2022 – Delta Sigma Pi is hiring for two key positions to strengthen its educational programs and engagement.

Delta Sigma Pi is expanding its team and hiring an Associate Director of Events and Director of Education.

Both positions will work under the direction of the Board of Directors through the Executive Director, along with the Senior Director of Member Engagement, as we strive to reach new heights in the areas of member education and member engagement. Interested candidates for either of these roles can apply via LinkedIn or by emailing

Associate Director of Events

The Associate Director of Events is responsible for the Fraternity’s events strategy including planning and implementation. They are responsible for coordination of logistics, site identification and recommendation, and other planning needs for all events including in-person and virtual events. See for sample event schedule.

Programs under their direction include, but are not limited to LEAD program, Presidents’ Academy, Grand Chapter Congress, volunteer training, online learning, Board meetings and retreats, and other membership programs. They will work closely with volunteer leadership and the Director of Education, who are responsible for development of educational sessions and curriculum, and other stakeholders to ensure event/program objectives are being fulfilled.

Director of Education

The Director of Education oversees the Fraternity’s educational strategies and audience focused curriculum development. The primary responsibilities of this position are to develop, manage and help present a holistic educational effort through programs that promote our values to collegiate and alumni members. This is accomplished through in-person and virtual training, both live and on-demand, in the following areas: values-based leadership development, collegiate and alumni officer development, standardized new member education, and career transition.

They will manage, create, present and assess Fraternity programming that helps achieve the Fraternity’s educational goals.

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