New Deltasig Terminology

Aug 30, 2022 – New Deltasig groups working toward becoming a chapter are now referred to as “Startup Groups”.

On January 30, the National Fraternity Board of Directors approved the name change of newly established Deltasig groups from “colonies” to “startup groups.”

Many of our industry peers have also removed “colony” from their terminology over the last few years. The idea of “colonization” has long, historic ties back to the 15th and 16th century as it relates to the European military conquests and the subjugation of people. It was marked by extraction of raw materials, repressive rule and the creation of hierarchies based on external characteristics which eventually would go on to divide populations instead of uniting them towards a common goal.

The term “colony” and “colonization” carry a problematic history with indigenous populations and people of color. As a part of our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, Delta Sigma Pi will now refer to new assemblies as “startup groups”, which reflects the development as an up-and-coming business venture.

“Part of prioritizing inclusivity within our organization is an expectation that we must continually reevaluate all aspects of our operations. This terminology change may appear small to some, but for others it may remove a meaningful barrier to our organization, and it builds on an organizational precedent of change and inclusion,” said Executive Director Jeremy Levine.

Central Office staff is currently working on updating references on the website, and in resources and publications, and hopes to have this completed in the coming month. To talk more about these updates or expansion opportunities in your area, please contact Dale Clark at

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