Delta Sigma Pi Makes a Wonderful Life

Aug 23, 2022 – For Ame and Brian Krippner, both Truman State (MO), their membership in Delta Sigma Pi has been essential in making their lives wonderful.

There’s a scene in It’s a Wonderful Life where the main character realizes how the world he knows would be different if he weren’t in it. For Ame and Brian Krippner, both Truman State (MO) , their membership in Delta Sigma Pi has been essential in making their lives wonderful. “It’s my personal ‘George Bailey’ story,” Brian says. “If not for Delta Sigma Pi, I would have not have married the person I married, or made the lifelong friends I had. All those things would disappear.”

The couple only needs to glance at pictures from their wedding, where nearly 40 Deltasigs were part of the festivities. “And that’s not unique to us,” Brian adds. “When we take our experience and multiply it across 300 chapters, we know membership in Delta Sigma Pi changes the trajectory for our members.”

Ame agrees; “Going to Truman and being a part of Delta Sigma Pi has benefited our careers and has guided our philanthropy,” she said. “The networking and the friends we have made are truly for life. In this day and age, that’s a wonderful thing to have.”

The couple have continued to support and give back to Delta Sigma Pi. In addition to countless hours of volunteer work, they have reached the Centurion donor level ($100,000). They support the organization because they believe it enhances the collegiate experience.

Since you are in college for several years, Brian said, you can get in the habit of making lifelong friends. “We’ve seen with Delta Sigma Pi, the relationships you make in college stay on. The Fraternity gives them the common background, with memories of shared friends, who they often remain connected to through the years.”

“You get to see the base of that web woven in the college experience that they continue to benefit from socially and professionally,” Brian added.

Brian also believes that college, and joining Delta Sigma Pi, gives students a chance to develop socially. “Students have found a home with Delta Sigma Pi they may not have found in other social fraternities or sororities.”

The couple have kept Delta Sigma Pi a part of their professional lives as well. When working for Enterprise, Ame was able to recruit Deltasigs to join the company. “Deltasigs always seemed to rise to the top, and that was great to see.” Ame now works as a gift and endowment analyst at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

The couple’s ongoing involvement with the organization, volunteering in a variety of roles continues to be rewarding for them.

“From my standpoint, it prepared me to jump into board positions in my kids’ schools, from PTA to boosters. I was able to jump in and contribute. Being part of Delta Sigma Pi prepared me for that,” said Ame.

Brian has found being a Deltasig, along with being chair of the Leadership Foundation Board, was helpful for him in his profession as senior vice president at UMB Bank. He found that the network of brothers he met both as a collegian and as an alumni volunteer has been valuable.

“It’s good to have ears and voices outside of your organization to share challenges, especially in the area of managing people,” Brian said. “I need all the help I can get in that category. I’ve really enjoyed that group of people. You can get good resources for your professional development by connecting with other members.”

When asked what tips the couple has for collegiate members, the couple encourage Deltasigs to make the most of their college experiences and to stay involved.

“The college extracurricular activities that you put on your resume are often the things your job interview will bring up first, the cool things you can do in your free time can make a really big impact on the job you interview for,” Ame said. She notes that Truman gave her chapter the opportunity to run sports event concessions, which helped teach her many aspects of running a business.

“It was one of those things you can do as an undergraduate that are out of the ordinary that make you stand out as having been exposed to real-world stuff.”

Brian’s advice is to stay involved after graduation.

“If you are excited about what Delta Sigma Pi brought you as a collegiate member, this is just the beginning. Keep giving back. Keep volunteering,” Brian said. “That’s where you make those strides personally. Stay involved.” 

Ame’s Deltasig Volunteer Roles

  • Foundation Scholarship & Grant Committee Member
  • District Director: Nu Xi (Missouri-Kansas City)
  • Alumni Chapter Treasurer: Kansas City and St. Louis

Brian’s Deltasig Volunteer Roles

  • Leadership Foundation Chair, Vice Chair and Trustee
  • National Professional Development Committee Chair and Member
  • Foundation Committee Chair: Audit, Finance and Investment Subcommittee
  • Foundation Committee Member: Audit, Finance, Board Development & Nominations, Fraternity Events, Nominations, Scholarship Guideline
  • District Director: Iota Nu (Truman State (MO)) and Kansas City

By: Rob Pasquinucci

  • Brothers of Delta Sigma Pi
  • Alumni