Congratulations to Newly Elected Leadership Foundation Trustees

Jul 28, 2022 – The Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation met on July 12 in Cleveland, Ohio and elected two new Leadership Foundation Trustees to the Board: Shane Borden and Sandy Shoemaker.

Leadership Foundation Trustees serve up to three consecutive two-year terms and are elected/re-elected at each Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Leadership Foundation.

Shane Borden, Central Florida and Sandy Shoemaker, Missouri State join the following line-up of Foundation Trustees: 

Voting Trustees

Tim Augustine
Joelle Berlat
Conchita Dixon
Shawn Gregory, Vice Chair
Beth Keith, President & Chair
Tosin Odesanya
Jodi Schoh
Tricia Smith
Cory Stopka

Non-voting Trustees/Staff

Jeremy Levine, Executive Director
Jeanine Triplett, Executive Vice President

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