300,000th Initiate Milestone Reached

May 23, 2022 – Julia Panek, Adelphi (NY), was initiated into the Kappa Rho Chapter on March 29, 2022 as Delta Sigma Pi's 300,000 member!

A Message from our Grand President, Cory Stopka

300,000 members—what an absolutely incredible accomplishment! This is a testament to every members’ and every chapters’ hard work, continued dedication and perseverance over many years. Thank you!

Reaching this milestone provides a renewed momentum to our organization as we transition back to our “new normal” after the pandemic. The camaraderie of our Fraternity helped many people get through the troublesome times, and I hope we can all continue to support our members—and new ones—for many years to come. The impact we make on our members and in our communities gives me such a sense of pride—and I hope you share that feeling with me!

I am proud to know that Delta Sigma Pi continues to make it a priority to attract and retain diverse students, alumni and community leaders. As we grow our membership with people from different backgrounds and experiences, it enhances each member’s lives. In addition, it helps our organization reach higher standards from the growing number of unique perspectives offered.

A very exciting future remains ahead and I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together!

Proud to be a Deltasig,




Cory Stopka
Grand President

Meet Julia Panek—Our 300,000th Member!

Julia Panek, Adelphi (NY), was initiated into the Kappa Rho Chapter on March 29, 2022. Julia is a freshman, studying accounting. After graduation, she hopes to work for an accounting firm in New York City or Long Island.

Julia chose to attend Adelphi because of its great programs, rich opportunities and small campus size. “Everyone is so welcoming here,” says Panek. She also has family members who had wonderful experiences when they attended the university, and she hopes to be able to have the same.

“I joined Delta Sigma Pi because of the many networking opportunities and also to meet and connect with people that have similar interests. A friend of mine was initiated in the fall and recommended joining,” states Julia. “I am so glad that I joined and made wonderful friends along the way.”

Besides Delta Sigma Pi, Julia is also involved with the Accounting Society, Women’s Group and Adelphi’s Catholic Newman Club. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, running, and hiking.


About Kappa Rho (Adelphi (NY))

Kappa Rho was installed at Adelphi University in Garden City, New York on March 27, 1982. After closure, it was reactivated 27 years later on March 28, 2009. Since its installation, it has initiated 548 members, including Golden Council members Donna Bertolasi and Douglas Spy. This spring, the chapter has hosted several professional events, including a presentation about Merrill Lynch and their internship opportunities and a presentation about the world of media buying from a media buyer and director at Mindshare, a global media agency in NYC. Kappa Rho members also helped the New York City Parks Department accomplish their goal of planting 2,000 trees in a single weekend by planting trees at a park in Queens in spring.


Chapters that have initiated the most members since we initiated our 250,000th initiate in 2013


School Total Number of Initiates Number of Initiates Since 2013
Cincinnati 2318 549
Southern Methodist (TX) 2255 547
Louisiana State 2821 538
Colorado-Boulder 3615 537
Texas A&M-College Station 1612 512
Georgia 3182 509
Arizona 2576 509
Indiana 3351 505
Missouri-Columbia 4239 504
Oklahoma 2890 492


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