Deltasigs Bringing Diversity to Their Workforce - Alex Yurchak

Mar 27, 2022 – Brother Yurchak Recognized in Equal Opportunity Publication.

Alex Yurchak, Cincinnati, was recently recognized in Equal Opportunity Publications’ Careers and the Disabled, a quarterly magazine that recognizes the successes of men and women who are differently abled. Yurchak was born with cerebral  palsy, which is the most common motor disability in early childhood development.  

“People would see me and not necessarily know how to approach me. I’ve been seen by children and overheard them ask each other why I walk the way I do, so I learned very quickly to introduce myself and get in front of it first. If people thought less of me, I viewed it as more of their loss.”

Yurchak is an alumnus of the University of Cincinnati where he received his bachelor’s degree in business administration (accounting and finance) and he joined Alpha Theta Chapter.

“I loved the opportunity I got with Deltasig because it offered everything you could imagine under one umbrella. Whether your interests were in networking with alumni, making a difference with community service, or just striving towards the accomplishment of a goal through chapter operations, there were multiple areas you could immerse yourself within.”

After graduation, he worked in the business controls department for Citibank, where he worked for four years. Then in 2016, he transitioned over to Fifth Third Bank, where he worked in business control for three years before transitioning over to the compliance department. Alongside of his compliance work, Yurchak also spends his time and dedication working with Fifth Third Bank’s Individuals with Disabilities business resource group. The focal point of this group is receiving and interpreting feedback on potential diversity and inclusion initiatives and providing the insight to the necessary stakeholders with the ability to make continued change.

As he reflects on how far he’s been able to bring himself in life, he thinks back to how his membership in Deltasig prepared him for the future.

“All the professional events the chapter would host helped me get some much needed clarity. I wasn’t sure exactly which route I wanted to take professionally, but whether it was an accounting firm, a pharmaceutical company or a financial institution, Deltasig introduced valuable professional diversity into my life and helped me narrow down my options to what made the most sense for me.”

A piece of advice Yurchak would give to his younger Deltasig brothers is reach out, make friends and continue to be visible. “Don’t be afraid to get to know brothers from other regions with different professions. Most likely there’s a brother in Deltasig who either has done what you want to do, or knows somebody who’s doing it now.”

Congratulations for all you have done, Alex. Continue to live up to the Deltasig Higher Standard. 


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