The Fund for American Studies (TFAS)

Mar 13, 2022 – Delta Sigma Pi works with The Fund for American Studies to provide exclusive scholarships to help Deltasigs attend their program.

The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) and Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) are proud to work together to accomplish the complementary missions of “equipping members throughout their careers to make a greater impact in their business, civic, and personal lives” and “developing courageous leaders,” by offering students the opportunity to live, learn, intern, and develop as young professionals in the heart of Washington, D.C.

TFAS Academic Internship Programs are an avenue for DSP members to take what they have learned and apply it to the real world, while introducing students to new career paths, networking opportunities, and more.

We caught up with John-Sebastian De Jesus, a Pace University graduate, DSP member since 2020 and TFAS

2021 alum, to learn about his summer in Washington, D.C. and how Delta Sigma Pi prepared him for his experience. Through the TFAS program, John-Sebastian interned with the Health and Medicine Council of Washington.

Q. Tell us about the summer you spent in Washington, D.C.

The summer I spent in D.C. was fantastic. It was a whole different environment for me, and it felt like a new perspective being there for two whole months. Through the Business and Government Relations program, I learned how government relations work, and how I could use my finance degree in that area. This helped me learn about what different directions I could take my career. Another great thing about my time in D.C. was hearing from the different guest speakers, learning about their careers, and seeing how they were willing to help others. Those networking opportunities were incredible.

Q. For a potential career path, how do finance and government relations relate exactly?

With my finance major, I have been more focused on numbers, banking, etc. and I was originally taught I should go into careers like hedge fund management or investment banking. With my internship in D.C., I learned more about issues like the budgets of government spending in the military, in healthcare, things I didn’t know as much about. That showed me a whole different route I could follow, using my degree.

Q. How would you say being a member of Delta Sigma Pi prepared you for your time in D.C.?

The professionalism and business etiquette I learned from DSP prepared me very well for my time in D.C. They taught me how to dress, how to act in professional settings and during meetings. DSP trained and prepared me for all those opportunities. They also made sure I am always being consistent with my work product, completing my tasks, etc.

Q. Was your time spent in D.C. worthwhile? How do you think it will help you with your future career goals?

Absolutely worthwhile. At my internship, I learned and developed more skills that I can bring to and use at future jobs. I wrote memos for meetings, attended and summarized hearings on Capitol Hill, and expanded my knowledge of Excel. These are hard skills that I can bring to new career opportunities in the future. I also learned how to communicate better with my colleagues and work with a team.

Learn More + Apply by March 14

DSP members are encouraged to follow John-Sebastian's lead and consider spending a summer in D.C., exploring a variety of opportunities and potential career paths open to business majors. The Fund for American Studies is accepting applications for the summer 2023 program and gives DSP members priority admissions and scholarship consideration.

To learn more and apply online, visit TFAS D.C. Academic Internship Programs. 

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