2022 National Collegian of the Year - Christian Loeb

Mar 07, 2022 – Congratulations to 2022 National Collegian of the Year, Christian Loeb!

Christian was announced as the National Collegian of the Year at the North Central LEAD Provincial Conference in Chicago.

Christian grew up in Cloquet, MN and although most of his friends would end up staying local for their university experience, Christian wanted to experience life outside of his small town. This led him to study economics and data analytics at the College of Saint Benedict & St. John’s University. While there he became a founding member of what would become the Omega Phi Chapter, serving as the group’s president.

As a collegiate member, Christian has served as Senior Vice President, Vice President-Alumni Relations and President for Omega Phi. Outside of fulfilling his duties as an active member of his home chapter, he’s also served the Fraternity as a whole as a member of the Collegiate Advisory Committee, the National Professional Development Committee and as a Founders’ Day Challenge Ambassador for the Leadership Foundation.

 “I’ve always been actively involved in my chapter and a passionate brother. I still have more to give and becoming Collegian of the Year gives me the opportunity to continue my own personal growth journey and continue to serve the Fraternity. I’m really happy and excited for this new opportunity.”

Christian offers this piece of advice to his younger Deltasig brothers and other aspiring Board members: be able to adapt.

“I’ve found that over these past two years, there have been so many unforeseen issues and changes that we’ve had to be able to adapt to. Seeking out problems helps you be better prepared to find a solution. It also helps you develop your problem solving skills which will ultimately make you a better leader and better professional. If we are unable to adapt, we will be unable to move forward in an ever changing world.”

Congratulations Christian and we look forward to seeing your growth as a member of the Board of Directors! 

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