Deltasigs to Receive Milestone Recognition at North Central LEAD

Feb 23, 2022 – Join us in celebrating the following Deltasigs who will be recognized at the 2022 North Central LEAD Provincial Conference in Chicago.

Thank you to the following Silver Helmets recipients for their 25 years of dedicated service to Delta Sigma Pi.

Missy Campbell was initiated into Nu Tau at University of St. Thomas in 1995. After being awarded the 2000 National Collegian of the Year award, Missy served a two-year term on the Board of Directors, representing the collegiate voice. During her time on the Board, Missy identified that major revisions were necessary in the National Awards program, and she took on responsibility for leading the group that completely overhauled the system, serving as the National Scholastic Development and Awards Committee Chair. She has served as a member of the National Organizational Development Committee, was a member of the 2020 Pandemic Membership Development Task Force, was the North Central Provincial Professional Development Committee Chair and was on the Nu Tau 20th Anniversary planning committee. Missy currently serves on the Foundation Scholarship Selection Team and has attended nearly 50 events, including every Grand Chapter Congress since 1997 (13!). Additionally, Missy has been a dedicated attendee at local and regional events, only missing one Halsey Invitational Tournament since 1996. Missy and husband Jason, Penn State-Erie, consistently donate to the Leadership Foundation. They live in the Minneapolis area with their two children where Missy works as a controller for All In One Accounting, Inc.

Nicole Orlando was initiated into Kappa Upsilon at Winona State University in 1995. She currently serves as the North Central Provincial Vice President. Nicole has been contributing back to the Fraternity over the last 25 years serving as Great Lakes Regional Vice President and as District Director for four different collegiate chapters in three different states: Alpha Omega at DePaul, Gamma Pi at Loyola-Chicago, Epsilon Iota at Minnesota State and Xi Rho at George Washington. In 2005, she was awarded the North Central Provincial DD of the Year award. Nicole has also served on the North Central Provincial Discipline Committee and the Great Lakes Regional Awards Committee. She is a member of Chicago and Twin Cities Alumni Chapters, a supporter of the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation and has attended nearly 50 national events, including nine Grand Chapter Congresses. Nicole lives in Chicago with her husband, Matt, and works as an assistant regional director for the FDIC.

Jodi Schoh was initiated into Kappa Upsilon at Winona State University in 1996. She currently serves as the Vice President-Finance for the Fraternity and as a Leadership Foundation Trustee. Previously, she has served as North Central Provincial Vice President, National Organizational Development Committee Chair, North Central Regional Vice President and North Central Provincial Professional Development Committee Chair. Jodi has also served as District Director for Alpha Epsilon at Minnesota, Kappa Upsilon at Winona State and Twin Cities Alumni Chapter, where she is a member and has served in multiple officer roles. She is also a supporter of the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation, recognized with the Entrepreneur Lifetime Giving Level, and serves on the Foundation Finance Committee. Jodi is an avid attendee at national events, having attended more than 100, including 12 Grand Chapter Congresses. Jodi lives in the Minneapolis area where she works as director of customer experience for Culligan Water.

Kim Ward was initiated into Zeta Xi at Lewis University in 1996. She has served as District Director for Iota Chi at Illinois State, Great Lakes Regional Vice President, North Central Provincial Alumni Development Committee Chair and North Central Provincial Community Service Committee Chair. Kim has also served on the Fraternity’s National Nominations and Professional Development Committees and the Foundation’s  Scholarship Selection Team. Kim has also been a member of Chicago, Milwaukee and Joliet Area Alumni Chapters. She has attended more than 50 events, including 13 Grand Chapter Congresses. Kim and husband Joe, Lewis (IL), live in the Chicago area with their two children. Together, they support the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation, earning Fifth Founder recognition

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