Memorial and Honorary Gifts

Jan 18, 2022 – Throughout the year, many Deltasigs make gifts in memory or in honor of brothers or friends of Delta Sigma Pi.

In Memory of:

Richard C. Blevins
Bylli Daniels
Douglas Estelow
Jeffrey Ghazarian
Tim Gover
Mu Pi Brothers Marta, Scott and Ken
Van Smith
Michael T. Swol
Jeff Weaver

See a complete list of memorial donations since July 2021.

In Honor of:

2009-2013 Western Leadership
2017-2021 South Central Province Team
2017-2021 Southern Provincial Leadership Team
2021 Grand Chapter Congress Staff & Volunteers
Jennifer R. Aichele
Christopher W. Anderson
Adrian R. Avalos
Carissa A. Bauer
Jeffrey D. Berlat
T. Joelle Berlat
Beth A. Bivona
Patrick A. Bonfrisco
Shane T. Borden
Jessica Butchko Boucher
Amy L. Briggs
Charles Brown
Scott R. Brubaker
Carrie Burns
Kyra Cahill
Rochelle Carnegie Caldwell
Cody Candee
Stevan R. Cantero
The Carpinella Family
J. Barrett Carter
Kimberly W. Carter
Dustin Casey
Central Office Staff- Past and Present 
Samantha Clark
Daniel J. Collins
Brian Conti
Tiphanie Grace Contreras
Angi Coston Jones
Nichelle D. Dawkins
Stephanie DeGuire
Deltasig Brothers
Conchita N. Dixon
Educational and Leadership Consultants
Epsilon Zeta Alumni & CLF Donors
Sara Erl
Michelle Cipolla Feinstein
Lauren Finnegan
Chelsey Fix
Jasmin Flores
FRAC Brothers
Taylor Galloway
Gamma Psi Chapter
Gayle A. Gerhardt
James W.H. Gerhardt
Golden Council Brothers
Ram Gopal
Clifford "Sparky" Graves
Shanda R. Gray
Meagan Lee Hagerty
Zachary D. Hanson
Tyler Havens
Trey Hernandez
Vito S. Honey
Gerald E. Hotwagner
Onuka Ibe
Individual Discipline Policy Task Force
Iota Nu Chapter
Kathleen M. Jahnke
Patrick S. Johnson
Ruben C. Johnston
Stacy Jordan
Crystal A. Justice
Colleen M. Kendzierski
Charlie Kenney
Aimee S. King
William R. Kinsella
Gregory J. Koch
Erica J. Kolsrud
Norman Kromberg
Claire Kuhn
James E. Kuhn
Mindy M. Kuhn
Steven Kuptsis Ramstack
Brittany Kyger
Lady Province
Bradley H. Lazar
William R. Leonard
Jeremy Levine
Heather D. Lewis
Frederick C. Lipsey
Kayleigh E. Lot
Katie I. Magoon
Alexandria Winifred Malone
Whitney C. Massey
Paul McCain
Corie L. McCreary
Henry McDaniel
Kris McDaniel
Noel Niles Miller
Jack Milligan
Mary L. Miracle
Mary Moon
Joan L. Nason
Ronald Neto-Taylor
Northeastern Province District Directors
Kevin Edward Novak
Linda Fritschy Oakes
Laura E. O'Connell
Tosin O. Odesanya
Gina M. Oleksinski
Omega Sigma Chapter Charter Members
Nicole Orlando
Belinda J. Pacheco
Richard J. Parnitzke
Dustin Paschal
Katherine A. Paulsen
Kevin W. Rabin
Molly J. Rae
Justine Ramsey
Aaron Rivera
Earl J. Rix
Marc A. Robbins
Claire Roberts
Mark A. Roberts
Joshua T. Robinson
Brittany N. Salazar
Kevin M. Salazar
Manuel Sandoval
Lori Pulley Saviers
Tracey Schebera
Angie Schelp
Bill Schilling
Jodi L. Schoh
Morgan Schomburg
Laurie Gail Senko
Samuel F. Shaheen
Joseph M. Shaver
Patricia A. Smith
Alison L. Solotoroff
Haley Spellman
Michael J. Spurlock
William F. Stebelski
Jacqueline Stephens
Cory P. Stopka
Bill Tatum
Robert A. Tavarez
Milan Yagi Tullock
Vivian Valentine
Linda K. Vawter
Erica L. Verderico
Michael A. Vitale
Mark A. Voyda
Joseph T. Ward
Kimberly A. Ward
Tyler C. Wash
James A. "Duckie" Webb
Mark R. Wernette
R. Nicole Wernette
Past Western PVP's
Darrick L. Williams
Nathan A. Woerner

See a complete list of honorary donations since July 2021.

To make a gift in honor or in memory of someone, be sure to check the appropriate box on the donation form

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