Meet Gail Baumer: The Scholarship and Grant Committee Chair

Nov 30, 2021 – Gail Baumer has been appointed Foundation Scholarship and Grant Committee Chair for the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation.

The purpose of the Scholarship & Grant Committee is to support the Board of Trustees in the strategic planning and oversight of the allocation of grants and scholarships from the Leadership Foundation. The committee then advises Trustees on granting policies, granting opportunities and the process to administer scholarships and grants.

Gail graduated from the University Buffalo with a bachelor’s degree in human resources. She then continued her education at the University of Houston where she got her master’s degree in accounting. 

Gail spent many years of her life doing project management in the world of technology. She spent 15 years working at Electronic Data Systems until it transitioned to Hewlett-Packard (HP). Then, she moved into a similar role within HP, which she kept for four years. Soon after, she transitioned into a senior project manager and eventually, scrum master at West Bend Mutual Insurance. She then resigned from WBMI to pursue FUN employment interests and giving back through Delta Sigma Pi, along with several other organizations. 

Gail is a longtime Deltasig volunteer with many different roles and responsibilities attached to her badge. She served as the North Central Provincial Alumni Development Chair, Alumni Chapter District Director for Milwaukee Alumni Chapter, North Central Provincial Awards Committee member, National Scholastic Development and Awards Committee member and on the Foundation Scholarship Selection Team (2015-2021).

We are very excited about the expertise that Gail will bring to Delta Sigma Pi! Congratulate her by sending your notes and thoughts to

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