The Importance of Planned Giving

Nov 22, 2021 – Tina Mistry, Cal State-Fresno, shares her reasons for leaving her legacy to future Deltasigs.

She currently serves as the financial advisor and CEO of Portfolio Advisors, Inc. Tina recalls her Deltasig experience fondly as something that’s propelled her into being the strong and effervescent businesswoman she is today. 

“I’ve learned a lot during my time in Deltasig, both as a collegian and as an alumni. I learned how to build relationships, indirectly how learn to run a business and what it takes to make it in the business world. The Fraternity has had a lot of impact on my development into adulthood and I apply the things I've learned on a daily basis.”

Her own experience attending conferences like Grand Chapter Congress impacted her greatly and she wants to be able to share similar experiences with other brothers. Tina knows the importance of planned giving, but also knows it can be intimidating. "Leaving a legacy is a lot easier than it looks. If we want to have the next generation of leaders coming from our organization, we’ll have to reinvest into our organization.” Reach out to the Leadership Foundation to learn how to make a difference within your budget and means. 

"Our Fraternity has not lasted this long out of luck and serendipity. [Delta Sigma Pi has lasted] because of the care and help of the members. For our organization to continue for the next hundred years or so, it’s up to the members to continue to give."

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