Fraternity Board Meeting Minutes in Seconds

Oct 13, 2021 – The National Fraternity Board of Directors met September 24 & 25. Read the Minutes in Seconds for a quick summary of the meeting.


  • Approved by required ¾ vote to allow use of the (pre-COVID-19) 2019 “Gold” Ritual book as an additional approved option for Ritual use. The proposal approved by the Grand Chapter granted this authority to the Board. The Grand Chapter approved Virtual, Socially Distanced and Hybrid Rituals to remain in effect as well.
  • Approved Jennifer Mayes, Oklahoma, as National Alumni Development Chair.
  • Approved Heather Lewis, Indiana State, as National Community Service Chair.
  • Approved Claire Roberts, San Francisco State, as National Professional Development Chair.
  • Approved Kayleigh Lot, Buffalo (NY), as National Scholastic Development and Awards Chair.
  • Approved Stephen Dominy, Mercer (GA), as National Standards Committee Chair.
  • PGP Tricia Smith and Consultant Katie Magoon provided an update on the Executive Director search process and timeline for such. The Board approved to include feedback from a collegiate focus group in the work of the ED Selection Task Force.
  • Noted Legislative and Election Process Task Force has been created and GP Stopka is working on appointing a chair. Task Force has been forwarded items previously referred to the Nominations Committee regarding improving GCC voting policies.
  • National Organizational Development Chair Crystal Justice reviewed Strategic Priority ideas and prioritization generated during a pre-meeting Board and Staff during brainstorming process.
  • VPF Jodi Schoh collected feedback about how to allocate the disbursement of the GCC Travel Funds. Recommendation will be sent out for mail vote. Also noted staff and Finance Committee will conduct a broader review of the travel fund program to ensure meeting long term goals.
  • Interim ED Jeremy Levine provided updates on the DEI Assessment CMP item and CDL requirements. He also talked about progress from PFA DEI initiative.
  • GP Stopka delegated authority to send letters of encouragement, guidance, concern, and warning to PVPs. PVPs are further authorized to delegate as desired to staff. 
  • After a Board discussion on 2022 Congress plans and schedule, the Board instructed staff to build the GCC budget to include a $65,000 subsidy from the National budget in order to allow for “traditional” registration rates while anticipating fewer registrants
  • Approved replacing future membership certificates with a virtual alternative. This is a permanent adoption of a practice adopted with success during the peak of the pandemic. 

To request a copy of the full meeting minutes, please email To submit a recommendation to the Board of Directors, please complete the official recommendation form and submit it via email to the Grand President and Executive Director.  Other ideas or suggestions may be sent to  If you’d like to get involved in a committee, please complete our volunteer interest form.

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