Crystal Justice Named National Chair

Sep 02, 2021 – Crystal Justice has been appointed National Organizational Development Committee Chair.

Crystal will work alongside the Vice President of Finance, COYs, and other committee members.

In serving as National Organizational Development Committee Chair, Crystal will work alongside the Vice President-Finance, Collegians of the Year, and other committee members appointed by the Grand President, within the Organizational Development Committee. Crystal and the Organizational Development Committee shall be responsible for the maintenance and annual updating of the Fraternity’s strategic long-range plan and annual operating plan, as well as working closely with other National Committees and Task Forces.

Crystal is a proud graduate of the University of the Pacific with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration. She currently works as construction manager in new store development with 7-Eleven. Crystal has spent her professional career overseeing many 7-Eleven franchise stores, consulting franchisee’s, consulting with and influencing franchises to develop, updating and executing operational plans. Crystal has also spent an immense amount of time consulting with and influencing franchisees on developing key processes and plans through weekly store visits, and more.

Crystal has held many leadership positions within Delta Sigma Pi, including Regional Vice President from 2013-2017, and most recently as Western Provincial Vice President. Crystal is excited to be working with the Board of Directors to implement the 2021-2026 Strategic Priorities. She is also looking forward to working with committee chairs and task forces, and to have exciting and new programming for Deltasig membership. In addition to the Strategic Priorities, some of the committee’s first assignments include implementation of the new Subject Matter Experts program, development and advancement of the Pilot COY Committee, and working with other committees on review of awards programs and governance policies.

We are very excited about the knowledge and opportunities Crystal brings to Delta Sigma Pi! Please join us in congratulating her by sending your notes to

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